Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The Fantastic Four must be sponsored by clean air

Absorption and interaction play havoc with regular linear modelling techniques. The world is more complex than we could hope for. "It could be that the biosphere is at its limit but we cannot tell that at the moment."

Buffering works at all levels though. Food preservation - including pickling - is one form of natural buffering, a slow-playback storage media to distribute effect through time. Squirrels are alchemists in this regard, along with natural acrobatic nature - they are either a race of thieves or our salvation, we need more studies to determine which.

We use everything up so quickly. Our phones last less than a day. Our fridges last less than a week. Our TV series are the only source of longevity left, the endless streams of Simpsons and Doctor Who. We need more studies to embed herring and DNA into our pop culture references. The Fantastic Four must be sponsored by clean air.

It is not a choice betwene life and death, but a protracted life that ends only when our rate of use exceeds rate of generation. A treademille. A reserve systeme. The modern problem of disconnected progress.

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