Monday, October 06, 2014

Butterflies and Sand random haiku: Last edition

Oh yeah, the 12th and final edition e-book of randomised haiku Butterflies and Sand is out now. I decided to move on from it because I think entropy requires more thought. That, and a new son turning up. The experiment was really interesting though, and I'm definitely hoping to carry it on in another guide one day.

(In a way, I realise now that the project carried on from a series of seasonal photosets way back in 2010/2011 - 1, 2, 3, 4. Are seasons more interesting than entropy?)

Autumn release notes pasted below:

It's 8.30pm and I'm passing time waiting for my second son to be born. The stars are out and the air is recently cooled. A mug of tea is sitting on the table.

This is the 12th edition of Butterflies & Sand - and also the last. Probably. The timing is right - it's Autumn, a time for the established to wind down, and to prepare for new growth. Changes are coming, but they take time and effort.

I've learnt a lot from running this series, and hope to bring the haiku with me to some new incantation somewhere else, somewhere later. More things could be automated, and I want to return to the question of 'why entropy?' in a clearer way. If anything happens, I'll let you all know.

This edition, which you can download freely now, seems to sum things up well though. On an evening when it's hard to say what the night will bring, the chapter headers are well picked. There are 6 this time too - one to say goodbye for now:

1. Tremble
2. Son's
3. Waiting
4. Train
5. Fresh
6. Morning

Maybe there's a message in there somewhere. Both the markov mashup and the Exaiksis sections also seems strangely... personal, for something so detached.

I also wanted to add some more thoughts on haiku and the haiku moment to the book. They're in there towards the end, but if you want to read them directly, the Dropbox links are:

Finally, a quick thank you to everyone who's been reading along the way. I'd be very interested in any feedback, but otherwise just hope I've inspired someone to try writing a haiku once upon a time.

They're amazing things.


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