Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NewHive and the evolution of paperspace

Not sure why but I really love the openness, emptiness and madness of NewHive. Here's a quick haiku page for you that I put together to try it out.

In recent online/offline comms with Bookmore we've been discussing the linearity of the digital form vs the formality of paper; on one hand, why does the 'advance' of email end up in a single, unwavering channel of thoughts and words? Why are footnotes so difficult in e-text? On the other hand, letters are unrestrained in direction - the blank page contains no inherent rules on where text should run - and yet we conform to the same restriction as email, a single line of thought. Why not embrace the margin, love the annotation?

I love paperspace, it's something that's driving me at the moment. NewHive is a bit like paperspace, just like a bad desktop-publishing program (remember them?) - but unlike such software, it's easy to play around with, to mess with the space you have in front of you. It's a 2D thing, unlike the 1D world of email, blogging, etc. (And no, hyperlinks don't (inherently) count.)

I'm looking forward to where 2D paper-like space goes next. Is hyperlinked paper really the nearest endpoint, a local optimum? Or are we able to push past that into something actually original - something that manages to somehow transcend paper, online paper, and bad Word Art?

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