Tuesday, March 03, 2015

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@RachelHaywire nails home some fantastic rhetoric about the overvaluation of reputation these days. For me, it's the same trend that makes real-name policies so dangerous-slash-absurd, and that makes me want to troll review sites. It is the obvious culmination of the worship of the self - the transmogrification of the actor and the individual into an untouchable, yet utterly abstract concept of what is "Right". It is why Bitcoin was released pseudonymously - because our engineering is so absolutely hidden behind a manipulable smokescreen of personality that real, sustained, fundamental change can only happen when it is detached from all known facets of authorship.

If there is a single thread that unites #tao and #punk into #taopunk, perhaps it is this? In order to truly change ourselves, and to change the ambience we inhabit, we must lose sight of name and reputation and not-wanting-to-offend and revert to simply what happens,

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