Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It's not just Twitter - the whole net is boring

Recent comms, the future of twitter, capitalist social forms - are we all interesting enough to each other for shareholders to make some cash?

The cloud holds rain, we can feel it in the air. The thing we love - this global short form, this truncated and ephemeral Zeitgeist - is brought back to earth and we realise, so nervously, that it is outside of our control. We do not own the forum we thrive in, the decision on whether to pull the plug or not lies in the hands of a bold, distant few. The wrong sale, and this could all be over. So there's a lot of soul-searching going on - some optimistic, some pessimistic. Ready to take action vs ready to jump ship.

But among the Twitter lines there are other fissures starting to steam too. Facebook is basically running a pay-per-view attention economy. Google+ is waiting for the post-mortem. Even Evernote is showing signs of flagging. We've been lulled into thinking that we're consumers and curators rather than a community - and the lifecycle for this sharing economy as a 'social' model didn't get very far. Thinking bigger thinks, it's not hard to realistically suspect that the next great Internet wave is approaching us, fast. The Internet has become boring.

Shop this. Watch that. Link those. Meh. As users, and as individuals, now is the time to start thinking ahead - to get in our own preparations for when the time comes. What do we want from our online presence? If our avatar was a simulation*, what existence would we want it to have? And further, how can we really make our network lives feed in, enhance, and contribute to our lives as a whole?

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* which it is.

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