Thursday, February 04, 2016

Moments from a weekend commute

Saturday, I head up to a conference that's not a conference. I get the 7am train from Seaford but the train line, like my head, is blocked by fog and engineering and coaches wait to carry us on.

There are people here but everyone's going to different places and it's cold and not worth talking let alone breathing properly.

Eventually. LONDON slides into view, a city beyond cities, a web being prepared over centuries for a spider who may or may not exist. Dirty progress acts as a billboard for the future. It is vaccinating, and fascinating.

The next morning, everything returns to normal.

"We are better placed to decide how our money should be spent than governments"

Liking FT's "letter to an ungrateful world from Google, Apple, Facebook et al" so much and am so tired that I'm going to put it in a blogpost-shaped parcel and hit Publish.

Also, when did Cmd-K become the default shortcut for "insert link"? I like that too.