Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Dangerous Writing

(The result of discovering Rudigraph and The Most Dangerous Writing App in the same week.)

a new writing app / a new writing style / it turns out rudigraph is the worst thing you can do on a phone / all that autocorrelation / the embarkation of thought not quite matched by the fiddle of tiny keyboards which are neither keys nor boards / going to have to turn autocorrelation off in some form or another / i want my keys back

now i am just making sentences happen for the hell of it / there are words somewhere behind these eyes which i want to tap into but cannot / flow of the fingers vs flow of the mind / i am being torn in two directions at once

the fingers are turning into a buffer / they continue while something tries to coalesce / i want to write about tuesday as a practice day / i want to write about the rawness of rudigraph / the simplicity of removing everything until nothing is left / only the essentials

somebody behind me makes a mistake and something falls over / they cry out the word socks like it is the worst word / the end of the world word

it is difficult to talk about what people say without quote marks / i wonder what other punctuation marks let us do / there is a new world here

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