Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Two Perspectives on Trump and Brexit

Woke up. Checked news. Felt oddly sanguine. First Brexit, now Trump, tied together through global movements like storm systems through the air. 

Settling into two perspectives - the modern, and the historical. 

1. The  Modern

The Net changes everything. Information has failed to scale, and civilisation is now under a deluge of media content. Soundbites proliferate at the expense of richer discourse. Lies hold more power than truth because fact-checking is slower than what people want to believe. The chaos of the network has won out - the ability for info to survive like cockroaches is complete. How are we supposed to run a democracy in this dank, dark future? 

Time is the main resource in this world - time to investigate, learn, draw conclusions. But time is scarce and its use is an art - it is not for the general population. All these skills speak only to the individual as a loosely-connected actor.

Self-reliance leaves us as detached as everyone else, but at least it's by choice. 

2. The Historical

The rise of global trade and worldwide capitalist motives has thrived since the second world war and corresponding cold war. The urgent need for profits has divided production and consumption into distinct geographical hemispheres - distance is a capitalist differential. The rise of the right wing in the West is a vote for remaining dependent on the system that bred it - the disempowered had their jobs stripped by the natural flow to undeveloped countries, but somehow want the system that made them "rich"  over 50 years to keep them rich. There is a civil war within those "empowered" by capitalism, and those who really profited. Brexit and Trump are just votes to maintain a status quo. 

Even the left has been destroyed by this shift. Labour is pointless, politically and geographically. The only modern counterparty would be one founded on information, not labour. 

But nobody dares ask the question "how much are you willing to pay to make your country profitable?"