Thursday, December 07, 2017

Nomadic identities and updated other places

I've been getting back into experimenting with homegrown and free tech networks recently - this week I finally signed up with (heh, link died just as I wrote that...) and have been exploring. the original intent was to try out setting up a gopherspace/phlog, but will see how that goes in time. Meanwhile, as the last leaves drop to the rising puddles, it's nice to see a place with a sense of community, not just a thirst to suck in as many individual identities as possible in order to sell them stuff.

But it's left me feeling exploded again, not in a bad-or-good way, just in a way. I'm enjoying not feeling like there's "one true site" which you have to use. The whole "Facebook vs Twitter vs Snapchat vs Instagram vs etc" thing is such a sham, like the whole Britpop concoction back before most people were born. It's a trade-off invented by a capitalism, amplified by a media looking for a) a battle to cover, and b) lists of top tips they can trade to the unadventurous.

I don't feel like I need to be or not be on any of them right now. Except Facebook and anything owned by them. I feel like I need to not be on them.

So I'm on Twitter, XMPP, Gnusocial a lot. I've updated my Find Me page to reflect this, and offer some more modern choices than - have a look and subscribe to what you might like. Or use it an excuse to get into a new tech, a new network, expand the horizons, travel a bit. I don't care.

Of course, it still doesn't have everything. A man has to have some privacy...

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