Friday, January 26, 2018

Blogging aka Strut Your Stuff on the Catwalk

It's five past 10 on a Friday night, so it feels like the right time to link to Warren Ellis' post, 'Reblog, or: Little Radio Stations in the Night', a quick missive on the joy of blogging and RSS feeds. Ironically, fittingly, I first read it via my RSS feed. it summons up perverse thoughts of shouting into the dark, speaking to the hidden. Sometimes, simple blogging feels like the antithesis of modern communication with so much tracking and clapping and liking and shit.

This uncontrolled, federated blogging scene (can I call it a scene? I like to think so, and sounds better than 'blogosphere') captures a lot of an ongoing trend to re-engage. But not necessarily re-engage with people - although people are part of it, really this is how we engage with content. Not just the content itself, but the whole shebang - the rationale and effort behind it, the short, sharp paragraphs, and the style that we muster as we hit the publish button.

(I see a similar trend with people moving to fucking gopher (and am, in fact, tempted to try it out) - there's a purity in text, and a pride in simplicity.)

Content has been through the wash - it's so lazy now, so convenient, and anyone that cares about what they read has had enough. Facebook and Twitter were never about the joy of content, just the quick fire weak connections - which is fine, so long as you you don't confuse connectionism with style. Mainstream 'content' is homogenous, like cheap chocolate. People are craving differentiation again. Personalisation.

Blogging has everything in common with fashion - both are brought together through a desire to fully express what one knows and feels. From punctuation styles, to awkwardly-hung CSS. We're all trying to find our voice out here in the wild.

Start a blog, or a newsletter, or a photocopied snail-mailout. Form sentences. Discover paragraphs. Write because you can.

(And send me a link when you do. My RSS feed reader hasn't crashed my Raspberry Pi yet.)

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