Friday, January 26, 2018

We stared at the Moon from the centre of the Sun

Quick post from the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne after visiting 'We stared at the Moon from the centre of the Sun', curated by Haroon Mirza. I have a day off, and I'm not going to spend it on boring things like fixing fences.

WSATMFTCOTS (my own acronym) splits the Towner gallery's bottom floor into two - a dark side, and a light side. Despite the title, there's no interaction between the two spaces, and each acts according to its own devices.

Mirza intends to "trigger reflection and individual interpretation", which is good because that's how I tend to approach any gallery. He also draws heavily on circles, electricity, and a mix of near-natural structures and signs, and more modern manifestations.

I'm not going to offer any particular interpretation or judgement - firstly it's a personal thing, and secondly, it's an experiential thing. But hopefully the photos below offer some sort of personal reflection/curation of another's personal reflection/curation. I did enjoy it though.

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