Wednesday, June 06, 2018

How Oakland Occupy got things changed

Useful look back at how a local US group took on the local police surveillance happening against Occupy without much oversight. Great blend of crowd engagement, legal understanding, and careful negotiation for a long view solution.

TR: Activists always want a 100% victory. But instead what they gave us was 1) We’ll roll the project back to the port and 2) You’re right, we need a privacy policy. We were sensitive to the fact that you can’t just say “no” all the time. You have to say “yes” to something. We didn’t want this project, but we also wanted the city to have privacy policies and privacy guidelines.

LR: So they were throwing you a bone!

TR: Yes. And we took the bone, and said “we will write a privacy policy for this thing at the port, and we will restrict its activities to keep people safe. And, moreover, you’re giving us this temporary Privacy Commission; but we want a permanent Privacy Commission. Forever. And we got it.

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