Saturday, November 17, 2018

Procedurally generated nightmares

I dream about large complex buildings a lot (I really must read this book). It's not a scary thing. So why does Wave Function Collapse remind me more of a Lovecraft tale than my own mind? Why does the YouTube video fill me unfounded fear?

Is it just the lack of people in a normally-populated space? This is not a new fascination for me.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Brexit predictions

Just posted to a friend, stashing here for posterity...

Anyway, here's my prediction. The Tories want to kill Brexit but without killing the Tories. May pushes through on an unworkable proposal (all proposals are unworkable anyway), and the rest of the party distance themselves from it, but there's no change in leadership. [This covers all the interests of party voters.] Early next year - early February, say, to make it look "desperate" rather than planned - May gets "forced" into a second referendum, insisted on by her own party. The referendum fails, May quits, BoJo takes over, and the deadline gets kicked back, maybe 5 years. Certainly past the next General Election.