Monday, July 22, 2019

Status Update 2019-07-22

Hello! I'm getting back to basics with blogging - trying out a quick status update, just cos.

Experimenting: This post is being emailed in. I wonder if it'll work. Cross-format syncing still seems to be a huge issue - I import my weeknotes from my wordpress blog into my Medium feed, just because Medium is the gathering place for the weeknotes community still. But it seems to chop out basics such as some (not all) bullet-point lists. Spacing also seems like a common issue - I'll probably have to edit this post because the breaks between paragraphs are too much, or too little. Gah.

Traversing: As per my last weeknotes, I've made the decision to go 3 days a week at work in September. Some of that time will be helping on the school runs, now that both kids are at (the same) school. Some of it is an urge to get back to the kind of stuff I was doing at Uni - democracy, groups, community, spaces, rituals, symbols, magic, power, etc. I'm not sure how it'll p(l)ay out yet - I don't have anything planned - but am interested in some side projects, and trying out different ways to bring in a bit of income.

Reading: Other than the recent Five Letters post, I've been picking into a few books recently. This is Going to Hurt was a good read indeed, but all the more better for having seen NHS teams in action at various times. Comics-wise, I read the first volume of Vagabond, which Espen kindly sent me a while back. I've also been reading Tintin in Tibet to #son2 which has been great. After going to see the Manga exhibition at the British Museum with me mum, I installed a Manga reader on my tablet and started reading Attack on Titan, which is suitably futuristic, dark, and action-filled, with odd pre-reminiscences around certain parts of Game of Thrones. Enjoying it a lot.

The Library has also come back into my life - in a borrowing of books way. Thanks to some keen-eyed staff, I'm now a big fan of Chris Reynold's Mauretania comics. I'm also now reading Jung's The Undiscovered Self, which is comforting in that it shows how a lot of modern challenges haven't really changed since - or were born out of - the 50s.

I'm not sure what to read on holiday yet. I picked up Jack Kerouac's Dharma Bums second-hand recently, and might give that a go. I always like to read about traveling when I'm traveling.

Watching: Finally watched Baby Driver the other day. A friend said it was one of their favourite films. Friend also lent me Taxi 1, 2 and 3 (original French versions), and I can see a trend there. Fortunately I love car chase films with awesome music too.

Playing: Despite having picked up Zelda: Breath of the Wild recently, I've mostly been focusing on The Dream Machine, a cute and somewhat creepy little episodic point-n-click adventure, "built by hand using materials such as clay, cardboard and broccoli". The puzzles are about my level, and fit in with story nicely. I've been swapping hints with a friend, for that old-school multiplayer experience. Remember when you used to get stuck on a game and had to wait until you got into school to find out if anyone else had got past it yet?

Tech'ing: Mostly migrating data from one hard drive to a USB stick to another hard drive, across the board. Who's stupid idea was it to buy a new laptop? Still, it's fun going through old files. Maybe I should post some of that stuff. I'm also carrying on running off solar power this summer. Main changes recently have been to just get more batteries, now that I have a bigger solar panel setup. I think I should be able to last going on holiday without the worry of charging up, but I'll take some spare panels with me, just in case.

Hanging out: Been spending most of my time away from Twitter at the moment. If you're on Mastodon and into more esoteric chat, then look me up at - I'm really enjoying the small nature of this network, and the like-minded users gathering on an instance focusing on certain, more spiritual discussion.

Similarly, I've started using a few conference chatrooms via XMPP (nee Jabber), and so have my account hooked up to my phone a lot, for the same reasons as above. If you're on XMPP, or want to give it a try, then get in touch with me - I'm at

A bit of me really wants to set up an "alternative networking" group. Is that a crazy idea?

OK, that's it for now. if this works, maybe I can email some stuff in via my phone. Here's a (testing) image (that might not work) to reward you for reading this far...

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