Saturday, September 28, 2019

Status update and a link

Current status: Finally, gradually recovering from an SD card blowout in my Pi, not only taking down my RSS/blog-reading ecosystem for a few weeks, but resetting it by a few years. Lesson learned: Check your backups, especially when you're not paying yourself to do so.

Still, it's good to be back perusing the streams. Here's a powerful post from Adrian Hon about staying safe on Twitter

Monday, September 02, 2019

Nick Cohen on confusion, and an "unBritish" government

Nick Cohen on confusion and crisis in the Guardian/Observer: 

"Brexit has become a war to the death where “winning” is all. Its supporters are not even fighting for a cause any more – just for the thrill the unrestrained assertion of power can bring."
"Nowhere are the inadequacies of its macho politicians more evident than in their delusion that there is “a line” and once over it we can move on. ... It is a never-ending diversion from our real problems because we cannot cut ourselves off from our nearest neighbours and largest trading partner."
"A perpetual crisis has its advantages, however. It is the atmosphere in which today’s populists thrive."

And the last line:
"At some point soon, even the smuggest believers in “it can’t happen here” should realise that nothing is now so “unBritish” as the British government."