Friday, October 04, 2019

Round and round

Always a joyous day when new vinyl comes into the house. Left: Finally have some Joy Division on vinyl. Right: 65daysofstatic's new release, replicr. White vinyl. Stream it here.

"Turn the vocals up please."


Accidentally thinking about system splits today, through a couple of private conversations. Systems that emerge from others, that act on the same entities and people, that are intertwined through history, yet clash like generation war. Can we say if or where one system is separated from another? Or does understanding one inherently lead to understanding its offspring due to an unbreakable bond?

Case one - the Nature of systems vs Nature as a Thing. Same word and same world, but two different lenses I can fit in front of my dark seeing glass. Is it easier to work with a system based on its external interactions, or with its fundamental nature?


Plenty going on on the background these days. Trying to cobble together some photo projects with my new time off, but art is hard and requires the energy from a mindset so far away from everyday life. Still, I've been spending time in my new garden house - the name changes, today it is the August Tower - and away from mess and clutter, and something in me is shifting. Gathering. Breathing.

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