Saturday, October 12, 2019

Update snippets 2019-10-12

Autumn is here, a shift of tones above our heads, glorious in its vibrancy. Yet the shops ignore it, pushing forward with the red and whites of Christmerval, like a clinical dentist's shopfront jangling its keys. Stay outside.


Julian tweeted:

Techno-solutionism, a cultural disorder caused by long-term exposure to Californian Utopianism and crap sci-fi, expresses diverse symptoms. One of those symptoms is a rash of NASA t-shirts

My response (emphasis added):

Clever people and people wanting profit are brought together by an idea that 'people are stupid and therefore inefficient'. Tech needs to value and cherish slowness, nurturing, sustainability, aging and - ultimately - death if we're to turn this shit around.

Sustainability can only be defined in comparison to and in conjunction with death - being part of birth, life, growing, aging and wabi sabi, experience, procreation, regeneration, renewal, withering, refreshment.


On Mastodon, Sam posted this great summary of the difference in network medium environs:

Discovering the Fediverse has restored a great deal of the initial wonder and promise of the internet for me. That sense of active exploration and participation; of the possibilities for creation and connection. Quitting corporate social media was a necessary first step, granting liberation from the passive "lean back" culture of spoon-fed content consumption. But the #DIY ethos of Fedi is the most beautifully punk thing I've encountered in quite some time. Kudos.

I've been thinking about a Sussex Alternative Networking group for a while, and a few conversations with friends are encouraging me more. Time to start writing up notes in notebooks for when the time is right and the hours behind available.


Long read on how technology is making the world noisier

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