Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Tings bein listened to

For intergalatic soul reasons, I've been budgeting more recently. This means I seem to be spending both more and less in general, at the same time. Not sure what dark forces allow that to happen, but that's economics for you.

As part of that, I've been letting myself drift through the e-music stacks again, trying to limit myself to about a tenner's worth of varied musics. Last month, I returned to and indulged in all the free samples. My 3 picks were:
  • Sonne Und Wasser, by H Takahashi: "sun and water... Tokyo-based artist H.Takahashi links these two essential elements for plant growth across four extended works of pulse minimalism". Seemed like a good solarpunk soundtrack.
  • Cabora EP, by Angelov: Something more along the cyber-parkour / early hours Wipeout grooves.
  • Frozen EP, by Blindsmyth: Not related to the new film sequel release, but three 8+ minute tracks which keep my toe tapping and rhythm going and heart pumping. If I jogged, I'd jog to this.
This month I'm on an alternative-network route for incoming promo. Also seems to coincide with a Bandcamp binge.
  • Old net chum (ok, and real life fellow ex-colleague and troublemaker) Phil emailed me saying he'd released new album Muerck under his Mentufacturer id - must mail him back to say cheers.
  • Old(er) cousin and for-a-while Bitcoin music label conspirator Rupert has released a soundtrack for Dune based on the book - it's been on my radar for ages and finally got a round tuit.
  • New discovery via Mastodon (I posted about intermittent networks, someone suggested Hundred Rabbits, and it went from there to @neauoire and an old album called Children of Bramble which has a cool cover and sounds right up my alley.
And, as always (this year at least), 65days are continuing to rock out their monthly releases. Not caught up with Decomp Sketches yet, but 7over8 is a damn cracker.

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