Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Upside-down content

Was going to post this as a reply to James' post on leaving Twitter, but thought I'd try out his webping-thing instead. Plus this follows on from my previous post about microblogging. For further reading on the matter, see also Orbifx's post "From Mastodon to News-groups".*

I remember going to conferences and asking people if they had a Twitter account instead of a business card. That felt powerful at the time. And, to be fair, I still follow and respect the tweets/posts/thoughts of many of those people. Looking back, Twitter was more of a contact book with lightweight content - staying in touch with people was more important than actually having a conversation.

And perhaps, perhaps, it still has a use for that. It's not a good business model, which is the problem with fucking technocapitalism. Minor things are useful, but need turning into major things to please the VC crowd. Sure,we have the Fediverse, but one cannot deny the _convenience_ of a one-word identity. In terms of contact books and typable brevity, is the Fediverse any better or worse than just swapping emails?

I wish people blogged more, and tweeted less - a small blog once a week or so for those who are interested, and an even smaller tweet once a season, just to let your weak links and the wider world that you're still alive.

Posting more and more content to your weaker links? It feels like we've got this upside-down and back-to-front.

* and yes, the overlap between orbific and orbifx is slightly confusing.


Orbific said...

That webping came through perfectly. It's good to see these little bits of open infrastructure working. I'm hoping to play with more of it soon.

Scribe said...

Been thinking that through and digging into it a bit more. I'm envisioning a markdown-powered blog that uses another service to look-up webmentions for mentioned URLs. Kind of a side-channel for conversation, which is easy to use from my phone. There are some handy tools out there, by the look of it! Do carry on sharing what you get up to with it.