Thursday, February 13, 2020

Should I get rid of my Kindle?

[Update: Whoa, that was weird. This post posted 3 times, for some reason. Probably a low level network connection glitch, like everything in life now from mangoes to mental health.]

I got my e-paper Kindle out the confounded tech drawer last night and gave it a charge up. Pencil rubbers mocked me from its silver screen, a guffawing reminder that its presence was here to erase the art of handwriting, not to rescue it. Still, I like it's simplicity, the way it has its limits. 

But should I keep it? How does it fit in? I'm a bit torn on this - the Nexus tablet (lurking in the background of the photo, like an advanced ninja waiting to pounce) is there for reading news feeds and saved articles, and has expanded out to being a manga reader too. It's the reading form I use most, between the two tablet-shaped things. 

But I haven't put e-books on my Nexus yet. Should I? 

Things I like about the Kindle:
  •  It doesn't have the silverdust glare of all the other screens, it feels 'friendlier' - not as tactile and pungent as paper of course, but still. Something less _digital_. 
  •  I can send stuff to it really easily. 
  •  It's actually pretty light. 
  •  It is more focused, less distractive than other devices and their all-purpose, Turing machine omnipotency. 

Things I'm not sure about:
  •  Mostly things relating to richer reading - colour, namely. 
  •  Reading PDFs - still fairly frequent for longer form text and slavishly rescued texts of lore - just doesn't work. Zooming is essential for PDFs. 
  • For books, I like the idea of reading e-books, but can't get the hang of picking them up - I always prefer rifling through my real-world shelves when it's time to start a new tome. Probably because I like the idea of clearing physical shelf space once I've read something* - I'm still not sure if you can destroy e-books, but I'm pretty sure you can't leave them in coffee shops or send them in the post. 

Maybe I need to deliberately read something on my Kindle to get used to it again. Maybe I need to strike out and just read e-books on the Other Tablet. I'm not sure I'm quite ready to give up on e-paper just yet. 

* Clearing physical space is so much more satisfying.

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