Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Updates on Various Papery Things

Papery things occurring in my bubble recently.

1. A small selection (about 10) of my photos are published now in Black and White Photography magazine, available nationally. The photos are taken from a 2-year-long project to document the local duckpond (I'm not exactly a travel photographer...), and this is sort of the first step in moving from taking the photos, to getting a 'finished' selection. It's probably the first time I've done a photo project on this scale, and am learning a hell of a lot from it.

2. A new collection from James, 'Cows don't believe in Slaughterhouses', very calmly and kindly dropped through, on to my doormat the other day. I always enjoy reading James' work with its measured approach to throw you or make you smile. I particularly enjoy the way his coherency builds into a single point that strikes home like an unnerving itch. You can read more and contact him about a copy here. Just do it, he won't mind.

(Also sorry I don't know how to capitalise titles any more.)

3. In sadder news, the smallest bookshop in Brighton, at the Open Market neighbouring the drifts of the Real Patisserie, has brought down its shutters. An old tour of the tiny space is out there on Facebook until bit-rot sets in. The selection of sci-fi paperbacks was awe-inducing, although I never bought any. I can't remember which books I did buy there, except for an old library copy of Balestrini's Tristano - version 11,778 to be exact. As each copy is a unique shuffle of paragraphs, I got it to go with my version 12,652, with some vague plan for bibliomancy.

(Long time readers may remember 'Butterflies and Sand', my old randomised-haiku project.)

4. Among the few decent bookshops left open in Brighton is probably the Amnesty International second-hand outlet on Sydney Street. I picked up a couple of intriguing looking older books up my street - one on Alternative Technology, and one on War Games during the cold war, and the application of game theory. Now I just need to switch off all the screens and get a decent chair to curl up in, forever and a day.

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