Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Walking magics, Batman - What I'm reading

Just read James' South Downs Way zine that arrived in the post (see last post, blog post post) and wanted to add a note here that you should go and ask him for a copy. It's short but so very well crafted, with hints of journeys and lives criss-crossing like ley lines. I know James is exploring some sort of 'magic of walking' theme (in the book, in his broader project, in life, who knows?) and the zine is infused with a real sense of that. Not to be missed.

Elsewhere I'm getting back into graphic novels a bit. Mrs Scribe watched the new Joker film which I sort of got bored of halfway through, but it did make me want to re-read a whole bunch of Batman, and catch all the classics I've never read. So step one has been to order in The Black Casebook and The Killing Joke - the first is based on this Grant Morrison reading timeline, and TBH I don't think I've read the latter, which is exciting but slightly sad. Anyway, I'll hit those up then dig into the rest of the Morrison plots.

And I'm also browsing the Amulet books by Kazu Kibuishi, as I found them on my local library's ebook list. The first two are a good romp, here's a screenshot of one of my favourite scenes:


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