Thursday, June 25, 2020

Minimum Viable Post

Sitting here with a whisky, thinking about the overload of consumption and communication, and our relationship with time. I wish I had more separation between me and the world - tailor the instantaneous nature of netcomms back to emergencies. I wish people just communicated by photos and postcards in the mail, each picture being a thousand words and all that.

What would Minimum Viable Post look like, just to let people know you were thinking of them, a slow-time visual version of Yo! maybe? I like zink printing - you don't have to buy ink and there's little waste. I wonder if you can get bigger zink printers than my little one, but in the meantime, maybe I'll just stick a small photo onto a larger piece of card. Minimum.

What about non-urgent comms as a form of gift culture?

Friday, June 19, 2020

Packaging shout outs

Yeah this is how this blog works now. What I find interesting after 3 months in lockdown. Send mind-freeing matter. Anyway, impressed with unexpected all-paper and card packaging from, and from

The Medium is the Message. The Product is the Packaging. We arrive and our arrival is a part of who we are.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Looking to try out Scuttlebutt/Manyverse

Looking for a few people to try out Manyverse/Scuttlebutt with (Android & iOS) - no local contact needed, just vague enthusiasm for irregular posting to another stream. Get in touch (personal channel, leave a comment, or via other routes) if you're into experimental social media?

I'm pretty sure intermittent networks are a natural consequence of solar powered computing...