Sunday, August 30, 2020

Notebooks on display

Mentioned doing a notebook round-up in a previous post, so here we go 🤗 I've always used notebooks (and kept them, much to my storage system's chagrin) but recently I've been choosing them with more "intent". I'm trying out a notebook to capture each project or set of thoughts, and half the fun is choosing one which I think will capture and reinforce those thoughts as they get entered in.

Top row from left to right:

1. Taopunk-imaginary-lands - a background project to explore a made up place capturing taopunk values.

2. Symbol doodling - blurring into logos and diagrams, for when images are more powerful than words.

3. Beamspun - for ongoing and emerging thoughts (currently around the idea of Disruption in all its forms) for the Beamspun blog/newsletter project.

Bottom row:

4. Handmade fractal-scribed black paper notebook, to use the lovely new white-inked pen the wife got me. This one is for current thoughts on splitting and re-joining identities, existence and so on. Somewhere between taopunk and Twin Peaks. The cover is experimental, but I'd like to make more in the same vein.

5. Collecting together a story being prompted by the first Paper Arcade volume - two more sections to go, but I'm enjoying the exercise, even if it's stalled for a while. Ink feels so much more final than digital, even when I know it's not.

6. For I Ching readings.

Notebooks. For when screens are too bright.

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