Monday, October 26, 2020

UK Doorstep Parcel Collections

Exciting news that Royal Mail will be collecting parcels from doorsteps for a small fee (via Adrian Hon, who thinks through potential improvements). Earlier yesterday, Mrs Scribe had been talking about the inconvenience of returning clothes these days, and I suggested Amazon would probably offer a pick-up service soon. I'm not overly fond of the Amazon megacorp running entire societies, so it's nice to see Royal Mail (The Queen! The Queen! etc) getting in there fast. Who knows, maybe they'll soon be nationalised along with the trains, but don't hold your breath.

But as our daily consumer routines continue to get disrupted by a mishmash of lockdown rules and rapidly evolving social culture (or even before covid kicked off), is there an argument that our delivery networks are important an infrastructure as high speed broadband, as transport, as anything else that needs to deliver something? What would society look like if everyone could post 5 things within the nation for free?

Personally I'm going to have to try out the new scheme once various lifedust settles. More projects to mess about with 🙃

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