Thursday, August 19, 2021

Finds from the Topsham Bookshop

 Recent second-hand finds, which kind of sum up where my background thoughts tend to be these days 😄 :

Three books: Oriental Mystics and magicians, Ecology of Refuse Tips, and Life in Hutongs

The two on the left were from  The Topsham Bookshop in, obviously, Topsham. (Life in Hutongs was also there, but too hefty to bring back, so I found a copy online.)

I can't resist documenting amazing bookshops - they always seem so precarious in this century - and dream of, one day, digging out all those photos and bringing them together. Maybe it would lead to a career galavanting around the country, hanging out and photographing ancient literary palaces, but somehow I doubt it. (Although Louise Boland's Bookshop Tours of Britain may say otherwise.)

Anyway, here are a handful of shots in the meantime. The Topsham Bookshop consists of something of a "two-up, two-down" affair, with a bonus claustrophobic basement to navigate. (A good bookshop should also double up as a maze.)

I wonder where I should try to visit next...


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